6 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

paint_front_door_trim-e1426119434538Springtime typically leads to a need to jump into spring cleaning and spring spruce ups, and giving your home a fresh look doesn’t have to always cost a fortune. There are many small, inexpensive ways to make your home both beautiful and appealing, and these methods don’t require expert knowledge in home remodeling. If you are looking to improve your home’s curb appeal without spending an enormous amount of time and money, we’ve got several solutions for you.

Here are a six DIY home improvement projects under $100 and will instantly spruce up your home.

1. Paint

To paint the exterior of your home is the most basic and easiest way to give your home a facelift. Using bold colors to can add an instant and dramatic change. Just make sure the color pairs well with the rest of the exterior.

Painting your front doors, trims and shutters should cost you less than $100 as most exterior paints are available for $25 per gallon. Depending on the size of your house, this shouldn’t cost you a lot of time, either. This should take anywhere from 4-6 hours to paint, and choose a holiday or weekend to allow you sufficient time to complete the project.

2. Mailbox

Whether you have a stand-alone mailbox or just a mailbox attached to your front door, installing a new one is always a good way help your door look new. It will cost you anywhere between $1520 for a normal door hanging one, or $50-$100 for a stand-alone mailbox that you want to place by the road.

When you install your mailbox, make sure that you are following the regulations that are set forth in the city that you live in.

This project should take an hour to complete if you have a simple mail box attached to your home and anywhere between 2-3 hours to complete in case of a full sized mailbox you have planted roadside.

3. House Numbers

Your house number a unique identification and can become the most distinctive accent to improve the appearance of your home. From painting the house numbers on your door to hanging a fancy number plate to the front of your house, this can greatly enhance the look as long as you make the right choice that complements your front door.

Simple house numbers can start at $2 per number or you can purchase customized plaques that can cost $50-$100. Either way, the unique identification number of your house can become the unique identification factor of your house.

4. Plant a Tree

Having a tree in your front yard is a common and practical way to make your house look attractive. Trees can live for many years if properly watered and maintained, and will add an everlasting statement to your house. When choosing a tree to plant in front of your house, be sure to consider how tall it will grow since the height can have a potential impact to your house. If there is enough space for more than one tree to grow, plant two to line the entryway of your house.

You can purchase trees starting at $25 and will not cost you too much time.

5. Brighten Up Your Door

In order to make your front door look more inviting, add new exterior light fixtures to your front door to replace existing ones. Light fixtures are practical as well as decorative, ranging in size, color and style. Make sure to test light fixtures before purchasing to ensure they are working properly, and that they won’t involve difficult wiring and other electrical detailing.

Always choose light fixtures that have the similar mounting system as the existing ones to save yourself some time on this home improvement project. Exterior light fixtures can be found anywhere from $20 and up.

6. Install Planter Boxes

Flowers are a natural way to brighten up the face of your home. Adding planter boxes is easy, looks fresh and can provide an uplifting ambiance as you walk past them into your home.

Although you can afford planter boxes for approximately $20-$25 each, you must remember that they need regular maintenance, which is a small effort to make for something that can last a long time. Change the soil and flowers regularly for longevity throughout the year.

If you rather not install planter boxes to your house, then consider buying some container gardens in pots and placing them on your front steps or porch. This option is also incredibly affordable.

SOURCE: Pro.com

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