Top 10 Kitchen Island Trends

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Kitchen Islands are becoming much more than their names implies. They’re no longer an “island” designated solely for food preparation. They have now become the hub of kitchen life, making use of that empty, middle space in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to renovate an old island or to install a brand new one, here are ten of the top trends for kitchen islands that will give your kitchen a whole new look.

1. Shaped Islands

Like the islands in nature, not many of them are square. If your kitchen is a unique shape or if it blends into another room, consider a shaped island that follows the curvature of your kitchen and adds visual appeal. Look at horseshoe, circular and “S” shaped islands for inspiration.

2. Reclaimed Islands

Conservation is in, and we’re not just talking about using vintage kitchen jars. Create your island’s base from found items: steel containers, wooden pallets or porcelain signs. Top them with reclaimed wood or a modern marble for a rustic-modern piece that will start as much conversation about it as around it.

3. Stovetops

Consider moving your stove to your island. It utilizes the island’s centralization to the kitchen so that counter space can be used for extra prep and activities. Plus, centralizing your stovetop will have you feeling like the star of your own cooking show.

4. Multi-Level Islands

Speaking of feeling like a cooking star, look into multi-level islands if you enjoy talking to dinner guests while you prep. Putting the dining level on top not only keeps guests sitting at eye level, but also protects them from any cooking messes. Similarly, you can add a lower extension onto your island for a casual dining spot.

5. Dine-In

L-shaped islands aren’t just stylish, they create a dining nook where space is limited. This innovative island has seating built into a bench below the island. It works well with a dining table tucked in and keeps island counter space open.

6. Shabby-Chic

Not only is shabby-chic, well, chic, but it is also great for island renovations on a budget. You can turn an old console, vintage table or antique cabinet from a flea market into a charming (and mobile) island. Add a slab of wood, granite or marble to the top for an updated feel, and you can even drill a holes to fit it for an electric outlet.

7. Mismatched Stools

Sometimes we get so focused on the main attraction that we forget the supporting acts. Mismatched stools are a fun way to bring personality into your kitchen and display your flea market finds. Make sure they all have something in common, though, like a color scheme, to keep them looking effortlessly thrown together.

8. Pendant Lights

The lighting above your island is just as important as the stools beneath them. Ditch the recessed lighting for interesting fixtures that hang above your island that draws the eye, rather than lights that sit flush with the ceiling.

9. Sheet Metal Countertops

Changing the countertop of your island is a quick way to update its look. Using sheet metal is a new trend that has industrial glam, and it pairs well with barn wood legs and accents.

10. Pop of Color

One tone kitchens can look very one-dimensional. Help your island to stand out as a focal point by painting the cabinets with a bold color not found anywhere else in your kitchen, like a brilliant red or blue.


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