Homeowner Maintenance Checklist

Having worked with homeowners for nearly 20 years now, I continue to come across sellers who want to get their homes ready for the market but are overwhelmed with the process. Life is busy with jobs, children, etc and homeowners simply wished they had paid more attention to updates and repairs over the years vs. rushing to do everything at the last minute (which is more costly).  Below is a list of the items that when neglected, will negatively affect the value of a home. Feel free to check out our Homeowner Maintenance Checklist and start your own notes. And you are always welcome to call our office for the names of current, preferred vendors. We are here to assist!

1. Windows
2. Walkways
3. Driveways
4. Roof
5. Trees
6. Pest Control
7. Exterior Painting
8. Gutters
9. HVAC System
10. Landscaping
11. Appliance Repair/Replace

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